Josie Thaddeus-Johns

Josie Thaddeus-Johns

I'm a writer.

Art, culture, music, tech, essays. Berlin-based.

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Art Slant

Bergen Assembly: Translating Research into Learning, and Art

While lengthy research and in-depth analysis allows artists and curators to get to the bottom of their craft, it asks a lot from an audience. Sometimes, we need the spectacle.

20160112113830 dsc 4808 article
Art Slant

Jen Ray: “Beware of people who think women are goddesses. That's bullshit.”

Rackroom interview with Jen Ray - Artslant

20151110101329 20151110091720 05c mcginley hot spring article
Art Slant

Science Does Not Equal Freedom: The Dangers Of Celebrating A Techno-Utopia

What is freedom? This is what the current exhibition, Gradi di libertà, at Bologna’s Museum of Modern Art, (MAMbo) attempts to answer through the lenses of art and science.

20151017205317 day3simocappefierawebnologo  14  article
Art Slant

ArtSlant - What Should the Accelerationist Fantasy Look Like?

A review of Robot08 festival, Bologna, October 2015

20151015113048 6 avigail moss kinesics of the page slob4 article
Art Slant

The Social Life of the Book: castillo/corrales Bring Their Unique Take on Publishing to Frieze Projects

Interview with Paris publishing collective castillo/corrales for Frieze London 2015