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Josie Thaddeus-Johns

I'm a writer.

Art, culture, music, tech, essays. Berlin-based.

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Meeting the landlords of Berlin's S+M apartments | Dazed

We talk to the filmmakers who are fascinated by the men loaning out their properties for sadomasochism

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What it's really like working in the porn industry | Dazed

This new book reveals the fascinating, funny and sometimes brutal stories of performers in the adult entertainment business

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Watch Lily McMenamy in a web series about ‘digital puberty’

Translantics tackles the transition from URL to IRL with expert cameos from Mykki Blanco and VFILES’ Preston Chaunsumlit...

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LSD church orgies and babysitting on codeine

La JohnJoseph, the novelist behind Everything Must Go talks about his scandalous Pynchon-esque debut

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Elliot Smith's maximum sincerity

10 years after his death, Smith's music is still a solution for our irony-obsessed times

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Why The L Word still matters ten years on | Dazed

There's still no successor to the much-loved (and hated) lesbian TV show. Why not?

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Girl-on-girl films | Dazed Digital

With Blue Is The Warmest Colour out this week, we run down the best girls-only love films | Dazed Digital

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Read an excerpt from Everything Must Go by La JohnJoseph

Go for a wild ride with dumpster diving hookers in this exclusive from the cross-dressing queer novelist...