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I'm a writer.

Art, culture, music, tech, essays. Berlin-based.

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The Creators Project

Meet the People Living as "Muxe," Mexico’s Third Gender

Filmmaker Ivan Olita documents the non-binary gender norms in of the rural community of Juchitan.

Emojicenter 14 copy article
The Creators Project

Want to Own an Emoji? Come to This South Korean Pop-Up

Where do we sign up for the clapping hands emoji?

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The Creators Project

Cheeky, Chubby Lolita Paintings Give a Feminine Facelift to Abstract Expressionism

Rita Ackermann takes on Franz Kline in her newest show for Hauser & Wirth.

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The Creators Project

Meet the Women Fighting for America's First Women's History Museum

'Bout time! Only 8% of historic landmarks in Washington, DC explicitly honor women.

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The Creators Project

Sick of Censorship, Artists Launch a "Witchsy" Online Market

Meet the merchants freeing e-commerce, one NSFW enamel pin at a time.

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The Creators Project

Meet the Winners of Berlin’s Most-DIY Art Prize

Climate change, legal linguistics and performative self-care all featured in the three winning projects.

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The Creators Project

Internet Artists Bridge The Gap Between Username And Body | The ...

'Meatspace' considers what it means to have a body in the age of the internet.

Berlin art prize 2015 trophy by yael bartana article
The Creators Project

How Berlin's Anarchic Art Prize Bucks Big Donors | The Creators ...

The Berlin Art Prize is a homegrown honor that puts artists, not corporate interests, first.

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The Creators Project

What to Buy at Berlin's Friendliest Art Book Fair

This weekend, Hamburger Bahnhof hosts Friends With Books, featuring the best and brightest of art publishing from Berlin and beyond.

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The Creators Project

Finally: A Museum That Brings Virtual Reality to Women's History ...

Nonny de la Peña, the godmother of VR, makes a flagship experience for the Women’s History Museum.

Chiharu shiota  uncertain journey  2016  installation  view  courtesy the artist and blainsouthern  photo christian glaeser article
The Creators Project

Blood-Red String Installations Visualize the Connections In-Between

In her first hometown show in eight years, the artist Chiharu Shiota explores the invisible threads binding humanity together.

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The Creators Project

Why Protesters Are Still Talking About the Death of Ana Mendieta

Activists are protesting the erasure of the Cuban-American artist and other marginalised groups

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The Creators Project

Unlearning to Hear in an Abandoned Swimming Pool | The Creators Project

Meet Tarek Atoui, the artist questioning why we need our ears to listen to music.